Universal Tribute to the Spanish Language Book is Launched

In the Cuervo Room of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) took place today the official launch of a book collecting the events celebrated during 2015 to celebrate the Homenaje Universal al Idioma Español (Universal Tribute to the Spanish Language sponsored by Fundación Independiente (Independent Foundation) with the goal of honoring the language shared by five hundred million Spanish speakers.

10 easy ways to improve your language skills while studying abroad

No matter where you are in the Hult campus community you are no doubt surrounded by foreign languages. This global environment is one of the unique aspects of the Hult experience – it’s also a great opportunity to deepen (or begin) your foreign language-learning journey. You likely have people that speak your target language and also people hoping to learn like yourself!

Congratulations Antonio R. Flores, Ph.D.!

This coming May will mark the 10th anniversary of the agreement of collaboration between HACU and America Reads Spanish, agreement that was signed at the residence of the Ambassador of Spain to the United States, by our Trade Commissioner at the time and Mr. Antonio Flores.

Cabrillo proposes changes to Cunha immersion

Cabrillo Unified School District administrators will decide in the coming weeks whether proposed changes to Cunha Intermediate School’s two-way bilingual immersion program will be implemented next school year.
By Julia Reis [ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]


Love in many languages at Santa Monica Public Library

By Ann Wagner
¡Te amo! Je t’ aime! Ich liebe dich! Mahal kita! (That’s “I love you” in Spanish, French, German, and Tagalog.) Throughout the world, in many languages, there are words to express love. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone learned to say “I love you” in as many ways as we can? February is the month of love.