U.S. Conferences


   Feb 7-10

   NABE Association of Bilingual Education. New York, NY

   Feb 10-12

   NECTFL Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. New York, NY                     

   Feb 21-23

   AIEA Annual Conference. New Orleans, LA

   Mar 3-5

   CSCTFL 2002 Virtual Conference

   Mar 21-25

   The Forum on Education Abroad Annual Conference. Chicago, IL

   May 31-June 3    

   NAFSA Annual Conference & Expo. Denver, CO 

   Jul 9-12

   AATSP Annual Conference. San Juan, PR 

   Sep 22-24

   NACAC Annual Conference. Houston, TX 

   Oct 2-7

   Global Inclusion Annual Conference. San Francisco, CA

   Oct 8-10

   HACU Annual Conference. San Diego, CA 


   NAFSA Regional Conference. (to be determined) 

   Nov 18-20               

   ACTFL Annual Convention and World Languages Expo. Boston, MA











Spain Workshop & Professional Meetings


April 26-27 

   Workshop I  (1-day program)                                                                                                            

September 20-21        

   Workshop II (1 day program)