Baila Baila Band to lead song, dance and Spanish-language education at UCSB performance.

The Baila Baila Band is coming to the University of California, Santa Barbara, Saturday, Oct. 17, at 1 p.m. in the Music Department’s Music Bowl for the MultiCultural Center's quarterly children's event.Lead singer Isa plays her guitar and rocks out with her band, enticing everybody to dance and have fun with rock & roll, reggae and Latin rhythms — it also reinforces Spanish-speaking skills.  

Famous Aurora, Colorado publication now includes Spanish in recreation guide for 1st time.

More than 150,000 households in Aurora will get the winter edition of the Aurora Recreation Guide this week – and for the first time, the publication includes a section in Spanish.The quarterly publication features all kinds of recreational activities for Aurora residents.City officials say this edition will feature a dual-language cover with one side in English and one side in Spanish. There will also be a 20-page section in Spanish focused on youth programs.

University of New Mexico celebrates 400th anniversary of Don Quixote.

The University’s Department of Spanish and Portuguese, in collaboration with the Latin American and Iberian Institute, is holding readings of the renowned Spanish novel “Don Quixote”, which celebrates its fourth centennial anniversary this year.Anthony Cardenas, professor and chair of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, as well as a volunteer participating in the reading of “Don Quixote”, said he encourages students to attend the readings of one of the best-selling novels of all time.

Bilinguals have better college outcomes, labor advantages: New study shows.

Children of immigrants who can speak, read and write in both English and the language spoken at home have an advantage in the labor market, a new report released Tuesday finds.The report by the Civil Rights Project at UCLA and the Educational Testing Service, a nonprofit testing organization, shows that individuals with immigrant backgrounds who only speak English and don't retain the language spoken at home lose between $2,000 and $5,000 annually.