Casper dual language program could benefit Spanish speaking students

The second-graders meandering the halls of Park Elementary School on Tuesday were as likely to hear “Adelante, chicos,” as “Move along, children.”The downtown Casper school, like Paradise Valley Elementary School across town, has a dual language immersion program. While many schools in Natrona County offer programs to support students learning English as a second language, Park and Paradise Valley have turned that model around, teaching English speakers Spanish and Mandarin, respectively.

Switching Languages Mid-Conversation Does Not Impair Performance

New research finds that bilingual speakers can switching between languages mid-sentence without a lag — if they switch at the right time. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign investigators believe consistent use of a language for certain words appears to allow bilingual speakers to avoid the costs that comes with switching between languages.

Spanish Language Forum

The Department of Applied Languages and the Center for Hispanic Studies of the Antonio de Nebrija University (Madrid), as well as Editorial SGEL publishing house are extending an invitation to you to participate in this Forum, which was conceived as a meeting point for experts, professionals, teachers and students of Spanish as a Second Language (ELE).