Universal Tribute to the Spanish Language Book is Launched

In the Cuervo Room of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) took place today the official launch of a book collecting the events celebrated during 2015 to celebrate the Homenaje Universal al Idioma Español (Universal Tribute to the Spanish Language sponsored by Fundación Independiente (Independent Foundation) with the goal of honoring the language shared by five hundred million Spanish speakers.

The ceremony was attended, besides Deputy Prime Minister of Spain Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría, by the deputy director of the RAE, José Manuel Sánchez Ron, and the president of the Executive Committee of the Universal Tribute to the Spanish Language and of Fundación Independiente, Ignacio Buqueras. Also present was Minister of Education Íñigo Méndez de Vigo.

Boasting the support of thirty-five academic, political, and business institutions, the Universal Tribute to the Spanish Language initiative celebrated its first event at the Congress of Deputies, in a session honoring the efforts of the RAE.

The volume in question, which gathers together the conclusions of the tribute, collects more than seventy documents, including testimonies by eight Latin American heads of state, as well as other personalities such as the president of Spain. It also includes the acceptance speeches of Spanish writers that received the Cervantes Prize and the Nobel Prize in Literature. 

Among the attendees at the ceremony were the Apostolic nuncio and dean of ambassadors to Spain, ; Ibero-American Secretary General ; Secretary of State for Education ; Jesús Andreu, president of the Carolina Foundation; and the ambassadors of Mexico and Costa Rica.

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