Prisa Educación signs an agreement to acquire Carvajal Soluciones Educativas one of the leading companies in the sector in Latin America

With this purchase, Prisa Educación is strengthening and improving its presence in the Spanish language educational market. The purchase price is 60 billion Colombian pesos (16.8 million euros). The transaction includes the brands: Greenwich, Buenas Noches, Torre Papel, Zona Libre, Kapeluz, Educa Inventia, and Voluntad among others, as well as the licence to use the Norma name. All these brands will maintain their administrative and editorial independence.

The power of the Spanish language in 12 bits of data

Soraya Sáenz de Santamaría (Deputy Prime Minister of Spain) expressed her pride in the fact that Spanish was the language spoken on Christopher Columbus’ caravels; the tongue in which Góngora y Quevedo fought their acerbic battle of wits; the parlance used by Mario Vargas Llosa and Gabriel García Márquez in their debates.

Universal Tribute to the Spanish Language Book is Launched

In the Cuervo Room of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE) took place today the official launch of a book collecting the events celebrated during 2015 to celebrate the Homenaje Universal al Idioma Español (Universal Tribute to the Spanish Language sponsored by Fundación Independiente (Independent Foundation) with the goal of honoring the language shared by five hundred million Spanish speakers.

10 easy ways to improve your language skills while studying abroad

No matter where you are in the Hult campus community you are no doubt surrounded by foreign languages. This global environment is one of the unique aspects of the Hult experience – it’s also a great opportunity to deepen (or begin) your foreign language-learning journey. You likely have people that speak your target language and also people hoping to learn like yourself!