Why More Americans Should Study Abroad

The United States would undoubtedly benefit if more Americans were to study abroad. 

 I recently read an excellent essay by Sanford J. Ungar. Published in Foreign Affairs, the piece explains why it’s so important for Americans to study abroad. “The trouble is that relatively few Americans currently enjoy this kind of life-changing overseas experience,” writes Ungar.

In translation, students make poems their own

Lessons learned at Grandview Heights High School poetry translation workshop. Sometimes, something can be gained in translation.

That was one of the lessons for Grandview Heights High School students who participated in a poetry translation workshop March 15.The sessions were led by Otterbein University English professor Terry Hermsen and Sydney Tammarine, a Spanish language and literature teacher at Horizon Science Academy.

Saving Spanish in Miami

Fifty years ago, hundreds of thousands of Cubans immigrated to the southern tip of Florida. Now, the city has to teach a new generation how to thrive in a bilingual economy.