Spanish-language TV station says ‘hola’ to Hazleton, PA market.

Hazleton, the city’s first Spanish-language television station is on the air, with its reach extending far beyond the city."Telekaribe, offered locally on Service Electric Cablevision channel 299 as part of the company’s Hispanic Tier of channels, proclaims itself in its promotional materials to be Dominican-oriented, and delivers “local and international television on one channel.”

San Antonio praised for bilingual education.

Harlandale's dual immersion program is one of a number of San Antonio bilingual education programs to be praised by Washington think-tank New America. Their latest report, Boomtown Kids, looks specifically at San Antonio as a model for the rest of the country to aspire to.Like most first-grade classrooms in the Harlandale Independent School District, learning is split between 90 percent Spanish and 10 percent English. Next year, the kids will split their time 80/20. By fourth grade, they'll learn 50/50.

Scholarships to study Spanish

The Spanish Language Foundation offers scholarship to students and teachers to learn Spanish. Students can apply directly or their professors can apply for scholarships for 10 students. Courses take place during two weeks in Valladolid, Spain.

Sorry pilgrims, the Spanish beat you to the first Thanksgiving

Researchers claim the pilgrims weren’t the first to host a banquet in America. More than 50 years earlier, Spanish settlers landed in St. Augustine, Florida where they gave thanks and dined with natives. According to this research, Spanish sailors celebrated the first Thanksgiving in Florida 50 years before the Pilgrims in 1621 - with salted pork and red wine.