Assistant superintendent proposes Spanish immersion program at Wyoming school district.

Albany County School District No. 1 in Wyoming is contemplating a new Spanish immersion program that would introduce students to the language from an early age."The concept is still in the brainstorming phase, said John Weigel, assistant superintendent of curriculum, instruction and accountability. He hopes to get feedback from parents and the ACSD No. 1 Board of Education to see what direction to take the proposed program.

South Florida Schools Struggle To Find Enough Bilingual Teachers

Most of the students at Royal Palm Elementary in Miami have Spanish-speaking families. But those families also want their kids to speak – and read and write – more Spanish in school. So teacher Alexandra Martin is leading her first grade class through “Vamos Papa,” with each child reading a passage from the Spanish language story. Martin helps students through proper pronunciation and words they stumble on.

Hall County students learn other languages in online set-up

A handful of students sit in their bedrooms, headphones plugged into their ears, as they listen to their Spanish teacher talk. Hall County students in middle and high school have access to Blended Learning Academy courses that combine a live teacher and online lessons.Wes Vonier, a Hall County foreign language instructor, teaches multiple Spanish courses with Damien Turpin.


Baila Baila Band to lead song, dance and Spanish-language education at UCSB performance.

The Baila Baila Band is coming to the University of California, Santa Barbara, Saturday, Oct. 17, at 1 p.m. in the Music Department’s Music Bowl for the MultiCultural Center's quarterly children's event.Lead singer Isa plays her guitar and rocks out with her band, enticing everybody to dance and have fun with rock & roll, reggae and Latin rhythms — it also reinforces Spanish-speaking skills.