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EADIC is a result of a group’s necessity to ensure a level of complete specialized technical training essential for the development of educational and professional excellence.

This school is made up of a young team belonging to the digital environment, education, engineering and architecture that sets itself, as its main objective, that the training in which it is an expert is much more than a simple didactic experience. This team is joined by a network of more than 300 Doctors, professionals, teachers, certifiers and reputed experts who accompany the student in the adventure of more technical learning.

Being able to transfer to each one of its students, in the form of knowledge, all the experience of a large workforce of currently active professionals is one of the challenges achieved. This has enabled Eadic to grow and to be considered a prestigious Specialized Technical School.


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Why study with EADIC?

EADIC has created and designed a series of technical courses and university specializations in every area that represent Engineering, Architecture and, in general, the world of Construction.

The training offered by EADIC is adapted to students, graduates and professionals of any technical branch who want to reach the level of expert in their present and future professional as well as perfect the knowledge of a technical specialty.



  • ONLINE TECHNICAL COURSES: Short and medium-term technical courses specialized in Engineering, Architecture, Construction, Software, Energy, Management or Languages, among others. Online engineering courses. Online architecture courses. Construction online courses.
  • HIGHER UNIVERSITY TRAINING: University Masters, Postgraduate, Expert and Higher Training Programs. Acquire the knowledge most demanded by companies and professionals in the sector.


  • Forestry and agriculture
  • Oil and gas
  • Software for engineering and architecture
  • Technology and telecommunications
  • Transport and infrastructure
  • Water, energy and environment
  • Architecture, edification and town planning
  • BIM
  • Quality, environment and energy
  • Geotechnics and foundations
  • Finance management for engineering and architecture
  • Project and infrastructure management
  • Hydraulics and water services
  • IT and programming
  • IT and Telecoms
  • Civil engineering and infrastructures
  • Industrial and mechanical engineering
  • Engineering and mines


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