What is happening to Spanish in the United States?

The United States Census Bureau has released data referring to the year 2022, from which it can be seen that one in five Americans is of Hispanic origin, which establishes that around 63 million Hispanics live in the United States of America.

and the confluence of the varieties of Spanish and the transfer of coexistence with English is a new phenomenon, as announced by the researcher, David Fernández of the Franklin Institute during the presentation of the book: " The Language of the United Hispanics of America" by the writer, Francisco Moreno Fernández, recently in Madrid.

Spanish on this continent is a reality and an important fact. For the last seven years, there have been more Latinos born in the USA than those arriving from abroad. "We have to accept that the emergence of a new model, the result of the varieties of Spanish in the USA, plus Anglicism as another component of the language (Spanglish), should be instrumentalised", says Francisco Moreno Fernández, Doctor in Hispanic Linguistics and sociologist, Alexander von Humboldt Professor at the University of Heidelberg (Germany), during his speech at the Cervantes Institute to talk about his book, the " Language of the united Hispanics of America".

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