Bilingual program abuzz in San Antonio

The Bee-lingual Bees program is creating buzz with their curriculum allowing parents and children to learn Spanish to encourage multicultural awareness. Their concept is to cultivate social development in children as well as encouraging diversity, acceptance and understanding between peers. During a session, participants learn about rhythm, patterns, social interaction, language development and problem solving.

The classes consist of 45 minutes of music and games in Spanish for three to five families to learn between six to ten words or short sentences. The program allows patrons to choose the day, time and place, including their own home. The program will provide all the instruments and materials.

“Our inspiration came from seeing several families interested in their children learning a second language,” said Liz Davila, Bee-lingual Bees founder. “Some parents were concerned their children weren’t familiar with Spanish. We want to give them the basic foundation so their children can be comfortable when they go to our programs.”

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