Who wants to study Spanish in Philadelphia?

The Hispanic immigrant community has played a fundamental role in the growth of the city in the last decade. In the streets it is more and more common to hear conversations held in Spanish. However, it seems that this important trend is not reflected in universities. Why? A general crisis in the study of the humanities would be the answer. AL DÍA News spoke with professors from three of the most prominent universities in the city.

The Hispanic population of the United States remains one of the most important communities in the country’s economy, culture and politics. That weight -of about 57 million people- exerts an important influence in several aspects of the national daily life. For example the use of Spanish as an official second language in many American cities accounts for its political recognition.

It is not an issue without importance. If the Hispanic population in the US is actually bigger than most of the Latin American countries -with the exceptions of Mexico and Brazil-, then it is easy to picture the influence of its language in the American society. That influence can be seen on the different campaigns focused on Hispanics designed by politicians and brands.

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