Baila Baila Band to lead song, dance and Spanish-language education at UCSB performance.

The Baila Baila Band is coming to the University of California, Santa Barbara, Saturday, Oct. 17, at 1 p.m. in the Music Department’s Music Bowl for the MultiCultural Center's quarterly children's event.Lead singer Isa plays her guitar and rocks out with her band, enticing everybody to dance and have fun with rock & roll, reggae and Latin rhythms — it also reinforces Spanish-speaking skills.  

Isabel “Isa” Brazon is originally from Venezuela and has worked professionally with children since the mid 90's. This experience has taught her a diverse understanding of the developing mind and memory.

Music being one of her biggest life-long passions, Isa decided to incorporate it into teaching Spanish. The positive results she has obtained through her teaching styles have inspired her to keep pushing the creative potential of her limitless mind as she keeps diligently working on finding new resources and ideas to make the Spanish learning experience fun for all children.

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