Amigos del español

Rebel Wilson

With more than a dozen movies coming out, Wilson, who was a sensation with the trilogy Pitch Perfect, confesses her passion for the Spanish culture and her wonderful experience shooting The Hustle in Majorca where she was lucky to meet the Spanish tennis icon Rafael Nadal.

Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is one of those stars that don’t play the game of Hollywood. Hidden in his world is difficult to find him if he is not promoting a movie. 

Jennifer Lopez

After a long absence that included stops at NBC for TV drama Shades of Blue and dance competition World of Dance, Jennifer Lopez is ready to reclaim her territory as the biggest Latina influencer in the world.

Hugh Jackman

He is the most notable actor from Australia acting in the Hollywood of today. Since hanging up his claws as Wolverine he is exploring another type of characters. He plays the presidential candidate Gary Hart in The Front Runner, the last movie from Jason Reitman.

Bradley Cooper

The film’s opening musical sequence plants the audience onstage with Cooper’s Jackson Maine as he performs a song called Black Eyes for thousands of adoring fans. Bradley shares the screen with Lady Gaga. The star could be in the run to get a nomination for the Oscars.

Daniel Brühl

The Spanish-born German actor Daniel Brühl is the star of The Alienist, the new period drama based on the homonymous book by Caleb Carr. Brühl, who is best known for Good Bye Lenin! Inglorious Basterds, Rush, Captain America: Civil War and The Cloverfield Paradox, plays Laszlo Kreizler, a doctor focused on patients with mental health problems; in other words, a psychologist, though back in the late 19th century