SDSU alumnus creates online Spanish learning business

For many people Spanish language education ends after high school, however, San Diego State alumnus Abraham Arechiga and his business partner Alvaro Sanchez Diaz are trying to change that.

Together the two of them created Spanish55, a company that offers 55-minute Spanish lessons via Skype personalized to each client’s needs.  Arechiga first came up with the idea while at SDSU. “I met a lot of people that wanted to learn Spanish but none of them gained conversational fluency which is what you need in the workplace,” Arechiga said. 

After graduating from SDSU, Arechiga went to work for a financial services company and experienced first hand the challenges many financial advisors faced when trying to communicate with their Spanish-speaking clients. “I thought, ‘why not create something that is tailored for busy professionals?’” he said.

by Brenden Tuccinardi, Contributor

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