Spanish, a Language with its own Embassador

The government of Spain has set in motion a global campaign to promote our language as a tool for employment and innovation. President Rajoy announced today the development of an Ibero-American Erasmus Scholarship, a plan for business professionals and diplomats, who will use their image to promote the language.

 Additionally, the High Commissioner for the Spain Trademark will also be used to promote the Spanish language.  “We have an obligation to guard and bestow our language" stated the President.

The best ambassador

“We have an obligation to guard and bestow our Spanish language,” stated President Rajoy yesterday in the Reina Sofía Museum during the presentation of “Spanish, a global language.”  This program will include a series of promotions to maximize the use of “our best ambassador in the world:  our language”.  This means that the High Commissioner for the Spain Trademark will become the High Commissioner for the Spain Trademark and the Promotion of the Spanish language through a Royal Decree.  In this endeavor he will count with the support of an Advisory Cooperation Council which will consist several institutions such as la Real Academia Española (RAE) The Royal Spanish Academy, the Secretary of State for Cooperation, four experts appointed by Cultura (Culture) ICEX, the CSIC and up to four ministries.  Another initiative will be the creation of a Plan of Business Professionals for the Spanish Language, inspired by the ADO Olympic Plan and promoted by the civil society and business professionals, offering tax incentives of up to 90% brakes to promote projects. Likewise, several “Spanish Ambassadors” will be appointed, including notable figures from our culture. An Ibero American Erasmus will be launched which will allow our students, “on the other side of the pond” development and will help business practices of Latin American companies in Spain.  

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Original source: La Razón - Cultura