How much do you know about bilingual education? Truths and misconceptions from the experts

Bilingual education is making a comeback in California, and one reason is research that proved its benefits, Latino education experts say. At a recent conference of Spanish-language journalists from across the country, panelists including a UCLA researcher laid out how far bilingual education has come over the last two decades.

During a panel discussion on “Bilingual education: Where policy and practice coincide,” researchers and experts clarified misconceptions and summarized what research has found about this educational model in the last 20 years. The panelists included Patricia Gándara, co-director of the UCLA Civil Rights Project, David Nieto, executive director and assistant research professor of the BUENO Center at the University of Colorado, and Eva Pacheco, executive director of San Diego’s EJE Academies Charter Schools that offer dual-immersion language programs in elementary and middle school.

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