The benefits of a bilingual education

Sarah hangs up her coat and walks into Room 25, ready for another day in her first-grade dual language classroom. What sets this class apart from the more traditional classes is that Sarah is learning in both English and Spanish alongside speakers of both languages.

The teacher is at the door and greets her. “Buenos Dias,” she says to all of the children as they enter the room. Even though Sarah’s first language is English, she understands Spanish, smiles, and replies, “Hola.”

Throughout the day, Sarah is exposed to content in Spanish, not as a foreign language, but as a means to learn the academic languages of math, science and social studies. She spends 90 percent of the school day learning in Spanish. By fifth grade, Sarah will be bilingual and biliterate. 

The RUSD Dual Language Program offers both English- and Spanish-speaking students the unique opportunity to learn and excel academically in two languages, while also developing an increased appreciation of multiculturalism.

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