Spanish, the most popular foreign language at West Chicago school districts.

More than half of area high school students who take a world language class choose Spanish, with French being the second most popular language to study.“Given how useful Spanish is in this country, that's not surprising”, said Jennifer Lawrence, chair of the world languages department at Hinsdale Central High School."That's what is driving it," Lawrence said.

“Another reason the majority may take Spanish is because many started learning the language in elementary school.”

“Children in Elmhurst Unit District 205 begin studying Spanish in third grade, said Connie Chester, the district's K-12 curriculum coordinator for world languages. In District 205's middle schools, they have a choice of Spanish or French. By the time they finish eighth grade, they have the equivalent of one year of high school French or Spanish, Chester said.”

“Similarly, some elementary districts that feed into Hinsdale High School District 86 offer foreign language classes, leading many to continue with Spanish in high school, Lawrence said. High schools offer advanced levels of Spanish and French in response. York and both District 86 high schools offer French 5 and Spanish 5, and Hinsdale Central offers Spanish level 6.”

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