Managing Student Participationin Noncredit Programs

The number of students participating in noncredit internships programs, including internships, service learning, and volunteering abroad, continues to rise. But with many students enrolling independently, without involvement from their home institution, how can participation be recorded, monitored, and assessed for any risk or safety issues?How can relevant stakeholders stay apprised of these activities? What best practices can institutions put in place to capitalize on student participation in noncredit programs?


Learn what methods work and the benefits of keeping statistics that can support positive public relations, generate useful data to secure more funding for international programming, and help expand student global learning options.


After attending this webinar, participants will be able to:

  • Identify what institutional policies and systems are needed to accommodate the increase in noncredit internship programming;
  • Develop a strategy to collaborate with registrars, deans, campus program administrators, and off-campus providers;
  • Ensure appropriate safety and monitoring measures are implemented;
  • Recommend best practices to manage student participation in noncredit programming;

The content will be relevant to those working in education abroad, risk management, internships, third-party providers, and extracurricular programs. Sharing NAFSA webinars is a cost-effective method of staying up-to-date on the hottest topics facing the field today. Invite as many attendees as you wish for the price of one registration! Not able to attend? Purchase the recording for future use.

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