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Spain has one of the finest systems of public transportation. Depending on the city, options for moving around the city include:

All the large Spanish cities have a modern urban bus system servicing routes that connect different parts of the city. There is a good information system that provides travelers with information about the different routes. Travelers are often provided with free bus schedules
at certain destinations along the bus route. Many cities run a bus line at night, though more limited, which operates all night and which accesses
main points of the city. These night busses pass less frequently and the routes serviced are more limited than those of the day busses.

The night buses are dubbed búhos, "owls".

The Metro
Some cities, especially Madrid, operate one of the most outstanding and modern metro systems in all of Europe. Travelers can also obtain free metro plans that provide information about the routes serviced. The metro is a popular and ideal alternative to the traffic on the streets above.

Cercanías Regional Train
This is a high-quality train service that operates routes that connect bigger cities with smaller ones. Travelers may obtain free plans that provide schedule and line information. The train terminals usually directly coincide with a metro or bus stop.

Spanish citizens depend on a modern taxi service system. All taxis adhere to an official standard rate charged to passengers. These official rates also designate supplementary fares for passenger luggage, special destinations, etc. If so requested by the passenger, taxi drivers are obligated to provide a receipt that specifies the billed elements of the service, as well as noting the points of pick-up and destination.

Some cities have a monthly transport pass and/or a travel pass (10 trips) which can be used for the metro, the bus, the Cercanías regional train, or any combination thereof. It is usually more economical to use these passes, which are sold only in specific locations, depending on the city.



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