Discover Spain - Climate

Spain is renowned for its many sunny days throughout the year. The yearly climate is divided into four distinct seasons that very depending
upon geographical location, thus the climate differences throughout the country can vary greatly or can change imperceptibly.

The sun and the heat are present throughout Spain. In general, it is advisable to wear light clothing such as t-shirts, light dresses, skirts, etc. In mountainous areas or near the sea, it is a good idea to have on hand something thicker during the nighttime. The temperatures vary between 25 and 35 C or 77 and 95 F.

During this season, the temperature is rather irregular. Although some days may be cloudy and a little chillier, you can typically expect sunny weather. In general, jackets and raincoats are worn, along with a sweater, though it is also advisable to have a
short-sleeved shirt for those sunny days. Temperatures vary between 15 and 19 C or 59 and 66 F. In the inland and mountain areas,
the extremes are more noticeable. In coastal areas, the temperatures are more stable.

This is the time when the cold weather sets in. Although Spain is far away from extremely cold regions, the winters are cold and, in some areas including the mountains, it snows, perfect for those winter sports aficionados. It is imperative to wear warm sweaters and a coat. Temperatures range between 2 and 15 degrees C and 35 or 59 degrees F.

The temperature fluctuates most in this season. Sometimes it rains and when it is overcast it can be cold, though if the sun comes out, it is typical to enjoy more pleasant temperatures. You will need both winter and summer clothing. Temperatures vary between 10 and 21 C or 50 and 70 F.


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