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Spanish is one of the most important languages in global communication today. It is the official language
in twenty-one countries, and close to four hundred million people around the world speak Spanish. 

Spanish is one of the most-used languages among the major international organizations, and its political
and diplomatic influence continues to grow.

In the business world, the Spanish language provides access to an increasingly expanding market as
wellas to the most promising emerging economies.

Moreover, Spanish is the gateway to a rich and diverse culture, universal in all its expressions. 

Spain, a member of the European Union, was the cradle of the Spanish language. It was in Spain where
thecontributions of the great civilizations Greek, Roman, Arabic joined together to shape the language,
and from Spain where Spanish spread throughout the world, becoming an international language.

Today, the Spanish language is a valuable asset, as thousands of people and companies offer services and products based in the language.


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