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Partnership in Spain

Partnerships in Spain

You might be interested in establishing agreements with Spanish Institutions in terms of faculty and student mobility. Here are the most popular types of agreements:

Study Abroad programs: Courses are taken (usually for academic credit) in a foreign environment. These could affect students interested in taking courses at a foreign institutions either through direct enrollment or institutional exchange. Students may be payin
g to the home institution, however, the fee goes directly to the host institution.

Island programs: A group of US students receive instruction at an overseas institution (that might be the campus of a university). The courses are taught in English. The main disadvantage of an "Island" program is that usually they are not fully integrated into the campus life of the host country.

Student exchange program: The student is being exchanged to the foreign university (and is therefore taking courses with local students taught by local faculty). They choose to live in a foreign country to learn language and culture. The different institutions participating in the program will trade off students in this fashion, and the tuition fee goes to the home institution. The students live with a host family, who are usually unpaid volunteers and often have a child the same age who has also participated (or is going to participate) in a similar exchange program.

Faculty led study trips: Usually short trips to a foreign country in order to learn from the local culture on site. This tour is normally a part of a class or the course itself. The instructor leads the group of students and develops educational activities within the local environment.

International internships: An internship (or another type of experiential learning activity) that takes place overseas. Sometimes, the internship is combined with coursework at an academic institution located where the internship takes place.

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