About us


Embassy of Spain-Trade Commission Miami

Official institution part of the worldwide network of Foreign Commercial Offices of the Ministry of Economy of Spain.

Its Cultural Industries and Services Department is a nationwide Information and Promotion center, which oversees and
coordinates the annual activities scheduled for the US market.

All the relevant information to study in Spain is provided by the Educational Services section, which supervises the Study in Spain program, marketing and promotional opportunities.


Study in Spain

Study in Spain features the best higher learning studies, language and culture programs, educational opportunities and services, that promote Spain as a study abroad destination.

Developed by ICEX Esapaña Exportación e Inversiones, the campaign is coordinated by the Embassy of Spain-Trade Commission in Miami for all the activities scheduled in and for the U.S.

The annual calendar includes several promotional and informative events, such as participation at conference exhibits and study abroad fairs, presentations, and two highlights programs: the Spain Workshop Educational Orientation Trip, and the Student Ambassadors Program in US universities.

Study in Spain purpose and goals:

    • Increasing the number of American students studying abroad in Spanish Institutions.
    • Developing a network of American and Spanish institutions to enhance direct communication bewteen them.
    • Creating awareness of the relevant role of Spain in the Bologna Process.
    • Bringing the Spanish culture to American Students and allow them to share their perceptions and experiences.
    • Promoting Spanish Courses and Education Opportunities in Spain.
    • Serving as a reliable source of information for students, professors, and administrators.