Why Casvi?


EUROCOLEGIO CASVI offers a unique, high-quality one-year program for Americans in Madrid, Spain.

Middle and high school students –from grades 7th to 10th– will continue to develop their skills across all main subjects while they are at Casvi, allowing them to proceed with their studies as planned upon their return to the United States.

Moreover, their mastery of the Spanish language will ensure their educational and professional success in the U.S. and abroad.

EUROCOLEGI CASVI is an officially approved, independent, mixed private school that operates in Spain, and is equipped with the resources for high-quality, private schooling.


Ready to spend an unforgettable year in Madrid?


Who’s eligible?

Any student in the United States in grades 7th to 10th who wishes to receive an international education and master the Spanish language can join our program.

Grades 7th to 10th Course description

EUROCOLEGIO CASVI follows the International Baccalaureate’s constructivist teaching methodologies, in addition to the
MYP’s for students of ages 11 to 16.

These are adapted to Spain’s educational program, which offers the following subjects:

  • Spanish Language (“Language A” for Spanish students or “Language B” for foreign students)
  • English Language (“Language A” or “Language B” depending on the student)
  • Mathematics
  •  Natural Sciences
  •  Physics
  •  Chemistry
  •  Biology
  •  Social Sciences
  •  Physical Education
  •  Artistic and Visual Education
  •  Music
  •  Technology: Computer Science and Robotics
  •  Chinese / German


The school’s extracurricular activities take advantage of our sports facilities and include basketball, swimming, soccer, tennis, paddle…

The school’s linguistic policy allows us to determine students’ schedules based on their levels of proficiency in the Spanish language, which are assessed through a short test.

Our international program also includes a subject titled “Language A: English” which allows students whose native language is English to continue to study it as though they were in their home countries.