Chris Pratt

The star of the moment comes to talk to us about his new status in Hollywood and his passion for Spanish food. It’s Jurassic June and this month the world gets flooded by dinosaurs thanks to the movie Jurassic World. Chris Pratt is the lead actor in this sequel of the beloved dinosaur franchise to wrangle any prehistoric monster in case things go wrong. Pratt shared his excitement to be part of Spielberg’s legacy, working with new director Colin Trevorrow and actress Bryce Dallas Howard, the preparation that went into becoming the raptor trainer Owen Grady. And if that is not enough remember that soon he can become the next Indiana Jones

Q: So do you know how to fly? Are you good at making furniture? And do you speak Spanish?

A: Ah, like I am as Harrison Ford. No I don’t fly planes, No I don’t know how to do furniture and yes I do speak Spanish

Q: Really, do you speak Spanish?

A: Is a long stretch to say that I speak Spanish, but I do live in the South of California and is easy to pick and learn a little bit. Un poquito

Q: Have you ever read a Spanish author?

A: I would not be able to remember who wrote the last book I read. My memory is terrible. But let me tell you that I do love the Spanish food and culture and going fishing in Mexico is one of my favorite things to do. But the Spanish food is my favorite, a good paella, guacamole and tequila…

Q: You are having a great moment in your career?

A: Yes. I wouldn’t pinch myself just in case I am dreaming. I wouldn’t want to wake up. Have you ever had a dream and then you wake up and are like “shit, I wish I could have gone back”, or like, “awe I wish I would have known I was dreaming I would have done it differently, you know?

Q: How do you take your celebrity status now?

A: Well, one day at a time, hush for the most parts it is totally fine, nothing has really changed, and then the parts that have changed have changed a great deal and that’s just something that is part of the territory and comes with the job you know? It’s something you have to learn to manage

Q: Is it still enjoyable?

A: The job is enjoyable, being a celebrity isn’t

Q: Why not?

A: Oh I will tell you why, first of all you are not supposed to talk about how its not enjoyable, because no one wants to hear that you know. So I love it.

Q: For the first time I saw pictures of you being upset?

A: Yes (laughs) Now constantly there's people outside of my house in the morning now and I get the mail and they take a picture of me that sucks I like to have my make up on before I get my picture taken

Q: How do u feel about being the alpha men in Jurassic World after always being the kid naive

A: Yeah, There is something different about this character than the characters I have played before because all the other characters have had some kind of childlike peter pan syndrome. This character isn’t a child, Owen is a man, he’s been through a lot, he’s seen a lot and he is not a kid

Q: Do u feel like an alpha male now?

A: Me? Personally? No, not really not so much. I care very deeply for what everybody around me thinks, and I think an alpha male doesn’t care at all what people would think, and I may give off the idea that I don’t care what people think, but that’s only because I know people think that’s cool so it’s all tactics and acting.

Q: You had a physical transformation, and then you begun getting these roles, did you get the roles because, or was it the other way around?

A: it was a combination of the two uh, I got the role of peter quill before I transformed, so then I changed physically to play that role the best that I could and then through that I began to make a conscious effort to remain that way because I saw how people reacted and it started you know people's perception of me changed and I was given more opportunity and so

Q: What is the secret?

A: Consistency over the course of a very long time is the key to transforming yourself. Exercise every day, for many, many days it will change you mentally and physically. It is something very powerful

Q: Exercise is very powerful?

A: Yes, I completely think so, body and mind are completely connected and I think that can totally change you

Q: Are you feeling sexier?

A: More virile, yeah I do, just like when your machinery is working properly you know it’s more fun to drive around.

Q: Your wife told us six months ago that she loves you more with love A: handles

A: That actually makes sense. I like me more with love handles too.

That’s a funny quote and its not necessarily representative of how she feels, I don’t think so.

Q: People are talking about you in more heroic roles, like probably in Indiana Jones. How do you feel making movements into that as well being the person you are?

A: I don’t know how to answer that. I have not had anyone from Disney call me and offer me the part of Indiana Jones so I’ll tell you how I feel when they ask me that

Q: If you just put a fedora on him Owen is a very similar character to Indiana Jones

A: Yeah, I mean this movie has Stephen Spielberg all over and the relationship between Owen and Claire is very similar to the relationships in the Indiana Jones movies, not dissimilar to the African Queen, Romancing the Stones

Q: So maybe Spielberg is sending a message to Disney

A: Well I think that this is like if you squint your eyes a coyote can look like a fox. Someone could squint their eyes and they can see Indiana Jones when they look at Owen because there is a lot of similarities, they both wear a vest, they both dive rolling bellow gates that are moving, there is suspense and they got their own symphony theme when they come on the screen. It’s very much a character that’s spun in a world that is created by Spielberg

Q: As an actor do you like to give some enduring attitude to them, like a normal character, not just a hero, someone you relate to

A: Yeah, I guess that’s sort of my own brand, or limitation as an actor. I think I just put myself in the scenario and play myself as those guys