Nicole Kidman

The Australian actress premieres the movie Lion, a story that talks about adoption and maternal love. A piece that Kidman wants to keep adoption conversation. Kidman adopted two children with ex-husband Tom Cruise and has two biological children with husband Keith Urban, and is being talking in Toronto and LA about how important is this movie for her. 

Kidman plays Sue Brierley in the true story of an Australian woman who adopts a 5-year-old boy from India after he is separated from his family. The boy, Saroo, grows up, decides to search for his biological family and uses Google Earth to find them.

Q: You seem to be an actress very fond of small movies 

A: I don’t think there is a Hollywood anymore. We’re all scattered around the world and we make films all around the world and Hollywood is of some bygone era now, which is sad in a way We need all the help we can get for smaller films and films that are not big studio films or superhero films. I think film festivals are so important right now because it’s very hard for films to be discovered 

Q: This movie, Lion, talks about the power of love

A: Exactly and that is a constant in my live. Since I was a young girl my maternal instincts have been a driving force in my life. I think because I've experienced motherhood in so many different ways. I've experienced adoption, birthing a child and I've experienced surrogacy. I'm like when it comes to it, I just wanna be a mama. I suppose my maternal instincts and drive have always been there since I was little ... and that's a huge driving force of who I am, which is why I probably played it out in so many different ways. I am a mother because I love being a mother. 

Q: It was the adoption theme the reason for you to be part of Lion

A: A very powerful one, obviously.  As Sue said in the movie, there are so many facets to adoption. There's women that adopt because that's what they've come to. There's women that adopt because that's the vision that they had, which was Sue. There's women that adopt because suddenly something happens in the family. Like in my family, my mother's cousin became her sister because her mother adopted her because her family passed away. So there are so many different ways in which adoption plays out, and I'm just glad to show one side of it. 

Q: So will you say this movie is very special to you?

A: Of course. Lion holds a place in my heart. I've made films that make philosophical statements or examinations of the human condition and all, but this for me is a film very much about life and about connection and the strengths of mothers 

Q: How do you prepare for this role?

A: Live has prepared me for this role. : I don't discuss how I work, really. I do different things for different roles, and I think part of acting is about maintaining an element of mystery. I hate hearing stories about huge preparation and I've learnt my lesson, almost, in a weird way with that. It's very private. To create a character is very personal and private. And to discuss that, it takes away from the allure of that. 

Q: You learned your lesson?

A:: Well, there were times when I have discussed things, and I always cringe now when I hear that because I think there's too much information available. You know, you go and see a movie, you see a play, you see a piece of art. And you have your relationship with it based on that. Now we are so aware of so many things that go on- I hate the making of movies. I hate, you know, all of those things, because I don't like to sit there and see it be, I suppose, deciphered and analyzed. 

Q: Can't viewers learn from that?

A: I think, if you want to learn, you go to acting school and you also watch performances. But, sure, there's many different ways to learn. 

Q: Your life is scrutinized by people. Does it stop you from being spontaneous?

A: My choices in films are spontaneous. People are always asking me, why did you choose that film at this stage in your career.  Particularly with this film. 

Q: You are a very prolific actress, do you like to read?

A: It is one of my favorite things in the world I pass all my time, when I have free time, reading. At the moment I’m reading three or four books at same time, is something I picked up from my dad who used to have four books at his night table 

Q: Do you speak Spanish or know any Spanish authors?

A: I’ve read Don Quixote for sure, and I can’t remember more Spanish authors right now, but I just made the movie Genius where I had the chance to read Hemingway and his passion for Spain. Sometimes is amazing how a writer can take you to understand and live a culture through his eyes. Hemingway is a great example of what it is to learn Spain under his spell.

Maria Estévez

Correspondent Writer