Adriana Barraza

Mexican Adriana Barraza loves language. As an actress it is one of the main tools at her disposal and as a linguist and acting coach she insists on perfection in both language use and accent.  That passion is evident in her most recent role in “ Babel ,” a film in four languages and with three overlapping stories set on different continents. Thanks in part to Barraza’s outstanding work, the film was a leading contender for the 2006 Palme D’Or – the Cannes film festival’s top prize – and figures likely to gain lots of Oscar attention as well. 

Q. What are you reading at the moment?
A. I always read more than one book. Now I have in my hands “Antología del cuento triste” by Bárbara Jacobs and   Augusto Monterroso. But I’m also reading one to learn English, another on linguistics and another on cosmogony, subjects that fascinate me.  
Q. Which book has had the biggest impact on you in your lifetime?
A. The one I’ve read the most is “Dracula.” I’m a romantic who likes fantasy. I also love “ Alice in Wonderland.”  
Q. Who is your favorite author?
A. Gabriel García Márquez. When I read “Cien años de soledad”, I got to the last page I cried my eyes out and started reading it from the beginning.  
Q. How would you encourage young people to read?
A. With children you need to encourage them to read like you’re opening the doors to a wonderful fantasy. If you force them you’ll never get anywhere. It’s better to tell them the truth, that they’re going to experience a great adventure.