Amigos del español

Melissa George

Melissa George is famous as a champion roller skater, model and actress, but not many are aware of her passion for Hispanic culture. Married in 2000 to Chilean exporter Claudio Dabed, this star of series such as Alias and feature films like The Limey, Derailed and Turistas is enjoying her latest role as Laura in In Treatment while dreaming of returning soon to Buenos Aires.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey finds himself in a lot of tropical movies, and sometimes he is in real life like the characters he plays in the movies. This time we talk about his Spanish, his passion for reading and traveling. His charm and relaxed vibe puts you at ease within seconds.

Isabel Allende

She is 66 years old, has written 19 books and raised a family. That last word is the one that means the most to Isabel Allende. However, this Lima-born, Chilean-bred California resident cannot live without books, whether it be as the author of works as popular as La casa de los espíritus ( The House of the Spirits ) or as painful as Paula , or as a reader, part of a world that cannot be conceived of without the existence of the written word.

Paz Vega

For Paz Vega a literary work that changed her life was “La Casa de Bernarda Alba” (The House of   Bernarda Alba), a play by Federico Garcia Lorca. Until then the 30-year-old girl from Seville wanted to be a sports star, go into politics or be a journalist. But after seeing the Andalusian author’s play she knew that she could only be an actress. Settled in Los Angeles waiting for her first baby to be born, Vega has fulfilled her dream both in Spain with movies like “Lucia y el Sexo” (Lucia and Sex) and “Teresa, Muerte y Vida” (Teresa, Death and Life), while in the United States she did “Spanglish” and   now “Ten Items or Less.”

Catalina Sandino Moreno

Catalina Sandino Moreno is the most famous actress in her country. She is the first Colombian actress to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Actress, which she received for her portrayal of a character much like herself:   one of those strong women that she very much enjoyed bringing to the big screen in the movie, Maria Full of Grace ( María llena de gracia ).  However, she will always choose a good book over the glamour of Hollywood . This, coupled with the advice of her mother, keeps the feet of this 25 year old actress firmly planted on the ground.

Eva Longoria

She is the actress that week after week we see in the show Desperate Housewives as Gabrielle Solis. Eva Longoria was born in Texas but all her family is from Monterrey, Mexico. Proud of her ethnicity the actress told us how much she loves to read the stories of Isabel Allende, her favorite author.