Amigos del español

Viggo Mortensen

Actor, publisher, painter, photographer 
Viggo Mortensen is a Renaissance man. Actor, publisher, painter, photographer, musician. He is also always on the move pursuing a new project. The last one is a publishing House called Perceval Press.

Carlos Cuarón

Mexican writer, director and producer
Mexican writer, director and producer Carlos Cuarón is the brother of filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón, who made a big splash in Hollywood with Y tu mamá también (And Your Mother Too). Not many are aware, however, that the 42-year-old Carlos shared the Best Original Screenplay Oscar nomination for that film with his more famous sibling. But Carlos has two passions in life, with literature sharing a place in his heart alongside the cinema.

Diego Luna

Cinema is his passion and books are his pastime. Diego Luna likes good films, ones that jump off the pages of a screenplay, his most frequent reading material. And whether in the form of a movie or a book, Luna loves a good story in Spanish. For that reason, despite the solid career he has carved out in the United States, this 29-year-old actor enjoys making films in Spain, Brazil or even in his native Mexico.

Chris Pine

Variety magazine has tipped Chris Pine, who plays Captain Kirk in a new movie version of Star Trek out in May, as one of Hollywood’s most promising up-and-coming actors. But what many people do not realize is that this 28-year-old blue-eyed blonde, Los Angeles native and stereotypical WASP at first glance also has a good command of Spanish.

Rebecca Hall

Completely obsessed with Woody Allen when she was 14, Rebecca Hall not only recently starred in one of his films, Vicky Cristina Barcelona, but received a Golden Globe best actress nomination for her performance. It’s not hard to understand where this 26-year-old, a graduate of the Roedean School in East Sussex who also attended Cambridge University for two years, gets her ability. 
The daughter of theater director Peter Hall and opera singer Maria Ewing, her artistic genes run in the family.

Melissa George

Melissa George is famous as a champion roller skater, model and actress, but not many are aware of her passion for Hispanic culture. Married in 2000 to Chilean exporter Claudio Dabed, this star of series such as Alias and feature films like The Limey, Derailed and Turistas is enjoying her latest role as Laura in In Treatment while dreaming of returning soon to Buenos Aires.