Amigos del español

Olivia Wilde

The sexy 27-year-old actress Olivia Wilde is an avid reader who speaks Spanish and fell in love with flamenco in a long trip she made to Seville. In Los Angeles we had the opportunity to talk with Olivia Wilde whose film "Butter" will be released this autumn.

Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodríguez is the director of El Mariachi, Desperado and Planet Terror, a man who lives for his roots and now comes back to the big screen with the fourth Spy Kids. Rodríguez is an American from San Antonio, Texas, with a family heritage from Mexico. Loyal to his roots he always shows where he is from in all his movies. In his Troublemaker Studio in Austin we talked with this man who showed up with a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and delighted us with a typical tex-mex lunch with tortillas, ribs, corn and Apple cake. 

Robert Pattinson

These are easier for me because the hardest thing is doing the conventional junket thing when you’ve got one person under three minutes, cause you feel like you have to provide all the energy, (laughs) but whereas when there is more people I find it easy, you get something back at least. 

Jack Black

Jack Black, well known for his persona in the big screen, is much more relaxed in reality or at least that is the illusion that he projects during the interview. We are sitting with him at the hotel Casa del Mar in Santa Monica. With Jack we had dreamt the action of Poh in the franchise Kung Fu Panda, and in the film School of Rock. His portraits are always a great adventure for the audience. With a fantastic curiosity and a passion to learn Jack has taught himself a few languages as Spanish and French and he confesses trying constantly perfecting his Castilian watching Spanish movies in his original version.

Russell Brand

In the Greek Theater of Los Angeles we had the opportunity to talk with the comedian of the moment Russell Brand.
His sense of humor and his sex appeal are the best attraction for this brit that in our interview confesses to be in love with Spain and the Spanish language. Brad is not very shy at the time to talk about this past and he even tried to talk in Spanish during the interview. As an avid lover of the Spanish culture he confesses he is reading the classics of the Spanish literature. Married with the singer Katy Perry, Russell is already shooting a new movie in New York.

Jodie Foster

The Oscar-winning actress Jodie Foster is an intellectual when talking about books. She just loves literature and to read a good book.Your last movie Nim's Island is based in a children's book.
Did you also do this so that you'd have a film your kids could see?   
Yes, because they've already read the book and they loved it. The book had a big impact on my son—so now after he read the book he can visualize me. It was like he discovered literature in a completely different way. I couldn't get him to come to dinner because he was too busy reading the book again. It was great.