Amigos del español

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts enters the Casa del Mar hotel ballroom with the confidence that comes from enjoying a solid movie career. On this particular day, the Pretty Woman star has made herself available to discuss her role as the sinister queen in Mirror Mirror, the re-imagining of the classic Snow White fantasy, directed by Tarsem Singh. The actress has a close relationship with Spain after receiving last year the Donosti Award in San Sebastian. Close friend of the actor Javier Bardem, with whom she worked in the past, Julia Roberts confesses that she doesn’t speak fluent Spanish but knows some words and reads many books of Spanish authors.

Ben Stiller

The actor and director Ben Stiller shows his talent speaking in Spanish in his latest movieTower Heist. We went to New York to talk to him about his career and his interest in the Spanish language. To our surprise he was able to answer a few words in our language and confessed to us that in his next movie he will, again, speak Spanish. At 45 Stiller has become an international star thanks to his sense of humor and his talent to understand his audience.

George Clooney

Clooney is currently riding high. His latest film, The Descendants, won the Best Drama award at the Golden Globes at the weekend and he took a best-actor award.
If it were not for the surprise success of The Artist, he and his film would be favourites to win an Oscar next month. His role in The Descendants is not a typical movie-star character. Clooney shows his age (50) in an emotional, bittersweet drama portraying a husband and father who takes off with his two daughters to track down his comatose wife’s lover. The character is somewhat helpless and vulnerable – what Clooney calls “a schlub” – with untidy hair and decidedly unstylish clothes. 


Hugh Laurie

The leading man of House Hugh Laurie admits that he speaks Spanish in this interview that we conduct in the set of the show.
During our conversation Hugh confessed that his alter ego went “off the deep end” last season. His role as the cantankerous Dr House has made him the highest paid actor on television - but it seems Hugh Laurie may be tiring of living the American dream. The actor hinted in this interview that after eight years this season of House could well be his last. Laurie has won critical and popular acclaim for his portrayal of the curmudgeonly but brilliant Dr Gregory House in the hugely popular medical drama House.

Olivia Wilde

The sexy 27-year-old actress Olivia Wilde is an avid reader who speaks Spanish and fell in love with flamenco in a long trip she made to Seville. In Los Angeles we had the opportunity to talk with Olivia Wilde whose film "Butter" will be released this autumn.

Robert Rodriguez

Robert Rodríguez is the director of El Mariachi, Desperado and Planet Terror, a man who lives for his roots and now comes back to the big screen with the fourth Spy Kids. Rodríguez is an American from San Antonio, Texas, with a family heritage from Mexico. Loyal to his roots he always shows where he is from in all his movies. In his Troublemaker Studio in Austin we talked with this man who showed up with a cowboy hat, cowboy boots and delighted us with a typical tex-mex lunch with tortillas, ribs, corn and Apple cake.