4 pro soccer players in Texas take Spanish classes

4 pro soccer players in Texas take Spanish classes


Two or three times a week Manny Sonupe, Liam Rose, Miles Lyons and Erik McCue hunker down inside a Language Plus classroom and hone their Spanish. 

For them to have the attitude to learn a new language I respect them," Emma Licon, their teacher at Language Plus said. "For me they are the best students I’ve had lately.”

With the classes, the lads are picking up speed, albeit at slightly different paces.

While Licon told ABC-7 they all have their own strengths, the guys were a little less diplomatic with everyone agreeing that either Lyons or McCue were doing the best.

In fairness to Rose and Sonupe, neither of them had any prior Spanish experience.

“Compared to where we started to where we are right now I think we’ve done quite well," Rose said.

That growth is all thanks to Licon who has 35 years of teaching experience. 


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