The best universities in Spain 2022

EL MUNDO published today the 21st. edition of the list ranking the best universities in Spain. The ranking of universities has been, for years, a benchmark in the education sector as well as a perfect guide for high school seniors who will enter university in September.

The 21st edition of 50 careers compiles the 50 most popular degrees among students and the five best universities where to major in each one.

The best universities in Spain:

The university that has managed to place the most degrees in the ranking of the best universities is the Universidad Complutense in Madrid, with 26 degrees, one less than in 2021. Among the degrees, it ranks first in Pharmacy, History, Mathematics, Education, and International Relations.

Next, with 24 degrees, is the University of Barcelona, number one in Biology, Nursing, Medicine, and Chemistry. The Universidad Autónoma in Barcelona follows, with 23 degrees.

El Mundo

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