Spain and Mexico to launch the first Pan-Hispanic Instituto Cervantes in Los Angeles

Instituto Cervantes confirms the support of the City of LA and Mexico for the opening of the first Instituto Cervantes in California.


The first newspaper published in Los Angeles was called Los Angeles Star and it debuted in 1851 in Spanish and English.  California’s first Constitution (1849) was written in Spanish and English.  LA County is the most densely populated in the United States with 10 million people, half of them with Hispanic background.  Because of these figures Instituto Cervantes has announced the opening  of their first center in California, during the presentation in LA of the Spanish yearbook.

“After carefully analyzing the situation of the Spanish language in the United States, we have determined a priority to open a Cervantes Institute in LA as soon as possible, ” explained the poet Luis García Montero, Director of the institute.  “We have established an Alliance with the City of LA and want to make this official visit with the support of the Mexican Consulate so that we can set our plan in motion as soon as possible.”

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