Bilingual Education. Roundtable held with Schools Chancellor Carranza.

 Growinng up, Richard Carranza's parents spoke only Spanish at home.  The son of Mexican immigrants, Carranza said though his parents were bilingual, they opted to focus on Spanish at home, so assured were they that he and his brother would learn English at school.


“I give them tremendous credit, because of the incredible faith that they had that public schools would do well by their children,” said the new Schools Chancellor. A month in, Carranza recently participated in a roundtable discussion with community media outlets. The forum, held at Tweed Courthouse on May 10, was part of the Newsmakers series sponsored by CUNY’s Center for Community and Ethnic Media (CCEM).

Carranza was joined by Yolanda Torres, Executive Superintendent of the DOE’s Division of Family and Community Engagement, and Elizabeth Rose, Deputy Chancellor of the DOE’s Division of Operations.

Carranza began his role as head of the Department of Education (DOE) on April 1, after previously helming the school systems of Houston and San Francisco.

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