Unifying One School Through Global Learning

For almost a decade, students at W.H. Owen Elementary have learned core subjects (reading, writing, social studies, math) in Spanish, starting when they are in Kindergarten. Students experience meaningful language learning, while exploring cultures from around the world.


“There is such a shift in this atmosphere, everyone is so excited about learning and growth,” said Assistant Principal Latreicia Allen. “I credit the global learning initiative.”

While the school has run a successful language immersion program for a long time, the staff could feel a subtle divide between students in the immersion program and those who were not. School leadership wanted to unite the school and found that global concepts provided meaningful learning experiences to all students.

“Our process started this summer to go global,” Allen said. “We’re starting to see students, staff, custodians—everyone has adopted a global mindset and we’re seeing a lot more unity and collaboration. The global idea has truly unified us.”

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