10 easy ways to improve your language skills while studying abroad

No matter where you are in the Hult campus community you are no doubt surrounded by foreign languages. This global environment is one of the unique aspects of the Hult experience – it’s also a great opportunity to deepen (or begin) your foreign language-learning journey. You likely have people that speak your target language and also people hoping to learn like yourself!

When I first went abroad for undergraduate studies, from the U.S. to Spain, I had one year to be fully immersed in the Spanish language. Because I had English-speaking friends there as well it was tempting to speak in our native language. Still, I made efforts to bring Spanish more fully into my life which helped me approach fluency by the time I left the country.

Below are some of the ways I did this, and also a few others that I wish I had thought of at the time.

Written by Alan Pierce, Masters student, San Fransisco campus, class of 2016.

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