The benefits of a bilingual education

Sarah hangs up her coat and walks into Room 25, ready for another day in her first-grade dual language classroom. What sets this class apart from the more traditional classes is that Sarah is learning in both English and Spanish alongside speakers of both languages.

This University Is Offering the First Spanish-Language Creative Writing PhD in the Country

By 2050, the United States is projected to surpass Mexico as the country with the largest number of Spanish speakers in the world. Already, the US has more Spanish speakers than Spain. Given the increasing importance of Spanish in the US, the University of Houston is establishing a Spanish-language creative writing PhD program. UH Professor Cristina Rivera Garza says the program is “not just natural, but urgent,” according to Houstonia.

Students gain more foreign-language learning in schools

When twins Ryan and Michael D’Introno entered kindergarten two years ago, they often came home from school singing songs in Spanish, part of a language immersion program their school in Bedford Hills, N.Y., decided to try. All students, many of whom were native Spanish speakers, received instruction in both English and Spanish a few days a week.

Bilingual program abuzz in San Antonio

The Bee-lingual Bees program is creating buzz with their curriculum allowing parents and children to learn Spanish to encourage multicultural awareness. Their concept is to cultivate social development in children as well as encouraging diversity, acceptance and understanding between peers. During a session, participants learn about rhythm, patterns, social interaction, language development and problem solving.