SunSentinel. Sí, teach all children Spanish

An article by Andrew Abramson, Contact Reporter, Sun Sentinel columnist. No hablas Español?. Me neither. Like most South Florida English-speaking natives, I took a couple of years of Spanish in high school.......We'd learn a few phrases, take a multiple choice test, and watch VHS recordings of Lou Diamond Phillips' "La Bamba" — in English.

The Oldest University in Spain, the University of Salamanca, Brings to South Florida Its First Spanish Language School in the United States

The University of Salamanca’s prestigious Spanish Language School, ELE USAL, is proud to announce the opening of its first-ever campus in the United States, ELE USAL Florida, located at 8238 Wiles Road, Coral Springs in the Riverside Square Shopping Center. With eight fully operating language institutions worldwide, the Florida school will be the first to give ELE USAL presence in North America.