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With a 25-year history, Edinumen is a publisher specialized in creating materials for learning and teaching Spanish as a foreign language. With over 400 publications in use by over 2 million students around the globe, Edinumen provides complete solutions that combine the best content with modern learning platforms and a student-centered approach. Edinumen has been a worldwide Pioneer in the creation of different materials for learning Spanish with a commitment to research and supporting the ongoing professional development of teachers.


We provide teachers and schools with complete solutions for their Spanish classes, combining the best content with the most modern learning platforms and providing everything necessary to achieve effective and meaningful learning.



Cambridge University Press and Edinumen


In 2014, we partnered with the prestigious Cambridge University Press.  We have come together with a shared visión - to impact the teaching of the Spanish language to students in the U.S., helping them acquire the skills necessary for fluent communication.

Like Edinumen, Cambridge University Press has been a worldwide pioneer in the creation of different materials for learning English with a commitment to research and supporting the ongoing professional development of teachers.





Our partnership has produced a full line of Spanish language materials for learners at every age - from the very start of their language journey in elementary school to more advanced study at the college and university levels.

¡Hola, mundo! con ¡Hola, amigos! (Primary students, 4 levels):
Educational and narrative language functions are weaved together through the use of songs and games; includes an interactive course developed by the Instituto Cervantes.

Mundo real (High school students, 4 levels):
The program is focused on functional, real-life language and each level provides an appropriately paced curriculum for one year of instruction. 

Entornos, Matices y Destellos (University students):
Engaging introductory and intermediate language programs focused on language function and interculturality.

Online Spanish course for Secondary and University students.




Focused on the educational trends reflected in ACTFL, we have formed a team of experts and globally recognized collaborators to develop a certified teacher training program. Delivered both online and in-person, the goal of the ACE Series is to give teachers the tools they need to help their students acquire the necessary skills to communicate in Spanish in an ongoing, practical way.


ACE Series (Abrazando el Cambio en Español): A free training program developed by Edinumen  with the support from the University of Salamanca and Cambridge University Press.

                   Ace NOOC (Nano-Massive Open Online Course)
                  Sign up for our online courses and learn at your own pace.

                  ACE training sessions
                  Complement your online training with one of our inperson session at a variety of national and regional language                          conferences.

EIDELE, the qualification of University Expert certified by the Universidad de Salamanca.



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