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Genially is a content creation tool that teachers and instructional designers around the world use to create interactive presentations and learning resources. There are hundreds of templates available and educators are able to create stunning presentations, courses, infographics, escape rooms, quizzes, interactive images and more! No programming or design skills required. 

We aim to change the way we communicate, from static boring content, to memorable communication experiences. Use Genially to create better learning materials for both, distance learning and the in-person class. Add layers of interactivity and animations to engage your students like never before. 

Genially also allows you to integrate other applications within your presentation: have your students watch a Youtube video, or visit Google Maps without leaving the slide. There's also a collaborative mode that allows you to work as a team. Changes are saved automatically in real time. 

If you have older materials, you can still use Genially. Import your Power Points and make them interactive!

With 11 million users around the world, Genially continues to change the way we teach, learn and communicate. 

Genially was recently recognized as the most promising Edtech Startup during BETT 2020 (GESA Awards) in London, and EnlightED Awards 2020 (most scalable Startup).

Need inspiration? Visit our inspiration section and see what others are creating. Need help? Visit the Genially Academy ( and take courses for FREE. Learn how to use the tool while you sharpen your general design and teaching skills.


Why use Genially in the classroom

  • Genially is FREE and easy to use! Anybody with basic computer skills can master our tool. 
  • Genially offers thousands of templates to get you started. The templates are organized in 12 different categories that will cover all your classroom needs. These templates include quizzes, lessons, escape games, posters, choice boards, and more!
  • Students can also use Genially! Have them complete assignments on Genially and make their own creations. 



New to Genially? Start by creating your free account at , and check out the Genially Academy for everything you need to know to get started!