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Esther Planes Rocher, Co-Founder & Program Coordinator
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Canvee Life School has been created by Fundación Objetivo Felicidad. Since 2007 the foundation has been a very active promoter of emotional education in schools and universities in the area of Valencia (Spain) and has created several positive psychology programmes. Canvee was founded with the purpose of becoming a school of life. We want to fill the gap in education and provide our students with the essential life skills to thrive in adulthood.

We offer THE LIFE CHANGING YEAR GAP PROGRAM, an experience designed to prepare our students for the next chapter of their lives while increasing their personal effectiveness.

The Life Changing Year Gap Program is a structured and complete Gap Year program that immerses students in Spain’s language and culture while providing them with the necessary tools to thrive in their personal and professional lives.

Our Gap Year Program includes accommodation in private apartments, skill development classes, Spanish lessons, daily exercise routines, volunteering opportunities, weekend activities and travel experiences around Europe. By the end of the program, our participants will earn a Master in Personal Excellence & Self-Leadership certificate by the Spanish university Florida Universitària.

The Master is a bilingual course (it begins in English and finish in Spanish) taught in Valencia (Spain). A 9-month course which provides the finest training in areas such as Emotional Intelligence, Communication, Wealth Management, Nutrition, Positive Psychology, Negotiation, Speed Reading and other essential skills.



Firstly, because Canvee Life School is both fun and effective. Work Hard, Play Hard is our motto. Our Life Changing Year Gap Program is a unique opportunity to achieve two goals at the same time: you learn what is more useful for your personal life and professional career, while living abroad and learning a new language.

Secondly, because it gives you the opportunity to live in Valencia, Spain’s third largest city. Valencia has been chosen as the best city to live in the entire world by expatriates (Forbes, Nov 2022) . Mediterranean, authentic and with a rich history, Valencia is by the sea, sunny, safe and with the perfect size to reach most places in just 10 minutes (by bike or metro).

Thirdly, because we provide the finest education. Our faculty come from a diverse range of backgrounds, industries and experience. They are excellent teachers, but most important, they are the best in their professional fields.

Lastly, because you learn what is most important in life. Our course will make you happier, smarter, more persuasive, engaging, resilient, healthy and self-sufficient. Skills that will help you thrive in adulthood.




At Canvee Life School we train the minds, souls, and bodies of our students to unleash their full potential.


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