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Cronopios Idiomas

Instituto Franklin-Universidad de Alcalá

Spanish Institute for Intercultural Study

Universidad de Valladolid


Universidad Nebrija






Madrid City Center, Spain


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Website & Social Media
Cronopios Idiomas                   @SpanishcoursesinMadrid      @Cronopios_Lang       Spanish in Madrid

Programs & Services

  • Intensive Spanish courses for all levels.
  • Exams: DELE, SIELE and CCSE.
  • Social and cultural activities.
  • Assistance with Visa procedures.
  • Accommodation for students.

Brochures and Multimedia

    Cronopios profile card



  Cronopios. Bienvenidos!                           Cronopios Idiomas                                            Una escuela de español diferente                         Entramos en clase nivel B1




Our Spanish school is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes and an official examination center.

We are a co-operative enterprise, this means that the teachers, admin staff and cleaning staff are the owners and are involved in 100% of everything we do.

Our main goal is to acquire job stability and a fair wage for all our workers and be happy doing what we love; teaching and managing our own school in the best way. 


Why study at Cronocopios Idiomas?

  • Our Spanish school is accredited by the Instituto Cervantes.
  • Cronopios Idiomas is located right in the city center.
  • We have an international environment.
  • We are a school managed by a team of teachers, so quality teaching is our priority.
  • Our school was set up by teachers in 2012, so we have so many years of experience managing our company. 
  • All our teachers are specialists in teaching languages.
  • We use the most advanced methods of teaching Spanish.
  • It is very important for us that our students are happy and feel comfortable in our school
  • Our courses are organized in groups with a maximum of ten students per class.
  • Our school offers a program of activities to practice Spanish outside of class hours so that our students can have fun, meet people and enjoy our wonderful city.
  • We believe in an economy that serves its’ people and that’s why we work with small local suppliers and participate in social economy projects.

Spanish Courses for all Levels

We do not use the term “lessons”, we use actual hours: 1 hour = 60 minutes.


Intensive 15

Intensive 20

Intensive 22

Hours in group per week

10 hours

15 hours

15 hours

Cultural activities per week

5 hours

5 hours

5 hours

Hours of one-to-one lessons



2 hours


More information

Our Intensive 20 hours course is the one we recommend for long term students, and it’s valid for visa purposes.





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Alcalá de Henares (Madrid), Spain

Priscilla Ramos, M.A. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website & Social Media
Instituto Franklin                                  Instituto Franklin-UAH  |  @IFStudyAbroad     @IFStudyAbroad 
(Study abroad in Spain)


Programs & Services

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Study abroad in Spain semester programs
  • International studies program
  • Custom designed faculty-led programs
  • Internships/student teaching/service learning

Graduate Programs:

  • Masters in North American studies
  • Teach & learn in Spain program

Doctoral Programs

NEW Online Programs


Instituto Franklin-UAH's approach to 

Online Spanish courses

  • A highly qualified team of experienced international Spanish language instructors.
  • A communicative proficiency model of instruction focused on skills integration and collaborative methodology.
  • Hybrid instruction, with continuous engagement between students and faculty the learning process.
  • Rigorous and reliable language placement tests to ensure that course content fits the student's real language needs.
  • Classes: Monday through Thursday. We follow the U.S: academic calendar.
  • Certificate awarded at the end of the course.

Onsite programs

Traditional Spanish language and culture courses are offered throughout the year.

Instituto Franklin-UAH is currently holding courses on-site and we are following the protocols established by the Ministry of Health of Spain and the Universidad de Alcala.

For more information,


For customized, or faculty-led programs, virtual exchanges, or more information, please contact Priscilla Ramos, M.A. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Brochures and Multimedia

      Spanish Onsite and Online Courses Spring and Summer 2021  NEW

     Study Abroad Program

     Instituto Franklin profile card

     Study Abroad in Spain

     Online Spanish Language and Culture Courses  NEW

     Virtual Internships    NEW

     Teach & Learn in Spain Program

    Annual Report 2019





For over 30 years, Instituto Franklin-UAH has been a leader in Spanish language instruction for international students at our university.

Instituto Franklin-UAH has successfully hosted thousands of university students through long-standing collaboration agreements with leading universities in North America.

We specialize in providing the services necessary for international students to be successful during their time abroad.


Why study at Instituto Franklin-UAH?

  • The Universidad de Alcalá is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Students are part of our university’s rich history and academic achievement.
  • UAH is a public university, ranked 6th Best Universities in Spain, and Top 70 universities in Europe.
  • Programs are adapted to suit North American academic calendars & schedules.
  • All courses are worth 3 credits/45 hours.
  • Students may gain professional development experience through internships, service learning, and volunteering experiences.
  • UAH is only a short trip to the center of Madrid and the airport.


Undergraduate Spanish Courses / Levels

Over 30 Spanish courses offered in the following areas:

  • Hispanic Studies
  • International Relations
  • Health Studies
  • Business
  • Interpretation & Translation
  • Education & Service Learning
  • Tourism

Levels: Low-Intermediate to Advanced Spanish

Courses in English

International Studies Program: All courses are taught in English

All undergraduate programs include university credits, transcripts, health insurance, housing, meals, excursions and cultural activities, access to university resources, orientation sessions, airport pick-up, student cards, and onsite coordination. Active participant in Erasmus+ programs.

Graduate Studies: Teach & Learn in Spain Program

Established in 2008, this program offers native or fluent English-speaking students the opportunity to earn a master’s degree in the field of education while gaining experience by being placed in a school as a language assistant.

Our students become key components of their placement schools – located throughout the region of Madrid – and they will implement and practice in the classroom what they are learning in their studies.

Now offering six M.A. programs, Teach & Learn in Spain includes a blend of online and on-site methods for graduate studies. These are yearlong academic programs (September-June).

Each of the M.A. Degree programs offered by Teach & Learn in Spain is accredited by the Universidad de Alcalá (60 ECTS credits).



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Seville (Spain)

Elisa D. Guidera, Communication Manager (USA) 
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website & Social Media                                                                 
Spanish Institute for Intercultural Study     @chengzstudy    @chengzistudy     


Programs & Services

  1. Spanish Language Program
  2. University Program
  3. Customized Programs
  4. Online Spanish Language Programs


Brochures and Multimedia

   Study Spanish in Spain catalog 

   Guidelines COVID-19

   Spanish Language Online Program (Individual)

   Courses 2021 Spring Semester at University of Seville

   Features 2021 Spring Semester at University of Seville

   2021 Summer Terms 1 and 2 in Seville Program

   CZ profile card


   Sevilla, Ciudad que Enamora




The Spanish Language Program offers intensive courses of 20 or 30 hours per week for students age 17 or older to improve their language skills (listen, speak, read and write) and intercultural awareness. Classes of 7-10 students are taught in Spanish using interactive, communicative methods. All levels are offered to prepare students for official Spanish language diplomas and certificates (DELE, SIELE) and for university studies in Spanish. Courses for pre-formed groups are available.

The University Program, taught at the University of Seville (US), is designed for students of Spanish language beginning, intermediate and advanced levels, who wish to earn credits toward their major or minor as they improve their Spanish skills and intercultural competence. Students choose Spanish Language courses and content courses from a variety of fields of study, taught in Spanish or English, to groups of 8-12 students, and learn alongside Spanish and international peers.

The Customized Programs are designed for Faculty Leaders who wish to take a group of students to study and travel in Spain. International Universities and Faculty Leaders use our vast experience in Spain to design their own program in any field of study for any length of time with your preferred itinerary, program theme, dates, course content, activities, visits, study trips and lodging. Programs are adapted to the group’s financial needs.

Online Spanish Language courses, taught by the best professionals and using the newest technology adapted to online courses.


Why study in CZ Study?

  • Individual assessment
  • 35 years of experience in Study Abroad
  • Study trips, cultural immersion activities
  • Located in a typical building in downtown Seville
  • 300 days of sun per year, with an average temperature of 67ºF
  • The University of Seville (US), founded in 1505, is located in a monumental building, just a few minutes´ walk from the CZ Institute. This urban public university of 73.000 students offers a wide variety of courses, fully equipped facilities and a friendly environment of tradition and innovation.

 Spanish Courses / Levels

  • The Spanish Language Program
  • The University Program
  • Customized Program


Courses in English

  • The University of Seville offers a great variety of courses and excels in Humanities and Social Science . 


More information

All programs include support before departure (visa, flights, info, etc.), health insurance, orientation sessions, bilingual on-site support, 24/7 full-time assistance.

Optional: airport pick-up, lodging (host family, residence, apartment), meals, access to university resource, volunteering experiences.


Sevilla                              Classroom

Plaza de España                                Torre del Oro                    Universidad de Sevilla  Setas de la Encarnación    Puente de Triana


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Madrid City Center, Spain

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , Director of Intl Development

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   | This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website & Social Media
Universidad Nebrija  |  Centro de Estudios Hispánicos   @nebrijauniversidad | @espanolnebrija     @Universidad Nebrija   

Study at Nebrija 


Programs & Services

Undergraduate programs (Taught in Spanish & English)

  • Graduate programs
  • International and customized programs
  • Spanish Language Courses

Brochures and Multimedia

    Spanish Language and University Programs

    UNebrija profile card

     Programas Grados y Postgrados

    Programas Centro de Estudios Hispánicos

   Nebrija News

             For our Partners: New Online Summer Programs and Fall Program Dates



Universidad de Nebrija (v.English)                                       Universidad de Nebrija (v.Spanish)                                   Nebrija desde casa



For more than 18 years, Nebrija University has received students from all over the world who come to spend a period of their academic training with us. Every effort is made to integrate international students into daily university life. In the majority of programs, they attend classes side-by-side with Spanish students.

Students can take courses in their area of specialization, design their own curriculum (taking courses of their choice). International students are students in their own right at Nebrija. They have access to all activities and general services (libraries, computer labs, sports facilities, etc.) and all extra-curricular activities as well. 


Why study in Universidad Nebrija?

  • It’s a top-ten Spanish university.
  • It’s located in Madrid: a campus in town (in the university area) and one in a natural park on the outskirts of city.
  • It’s a private university (around 6000 students).
  • It’s noted for giving students individual attention.
  • It has exchange agreements with over 80 foreign universities world-wide.
  • It receives 700 international students each year.
  • It is an active participant in Socrates-Erasmus + programs
  • The student-teacher ratio is 15 to 1.
  • It has a flexible curriculum for international students.
  • The university has a Center exclusively dedicated to the teaching of Spanish Language and Culture for more than 30 years.


Spanish Courses / Levels (With university credits)

  • Spanish courses (All levels)
  • Art, Culture, History, Spain Diversity
  • Literature, Latin America Literature, Grammar & Conversation
  • Spanish for business, Health


Courses in English (With university credits)

  • International Business, International Marketing, International communication, International Finance, International Relations.
  • European Studies, European Culture, History and Institution, European Cinema.
  • Spanish Civilization and Culture, Women's Roles in Present-Day Spain, Art and Architecture in Spanish Cities.


More information

  • Tailor-made programs
  • Internships different fields
  • Semester / Summer programs





Valladolid, Spain

Isabel Paúl (Coordinator) This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Language Center: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Website & Social media        @LearningSpanishinValladolid     @spanishvall      @spanishinvalladolid


Programs / Highlights

  • Long term Courses (Spring / Autumn)
  • Spanish Language Courses all year round
  • Intensive Summer Courses
  • Custom designed faculty led programs for groups
  • Specialized Courses
        · Spanish for business
        · Spanish for healthcare
  • Spanish for Erasmus Students
  • Preparation for DELE exams
  • Teacher Training Courses
       · Beginners
       · Advanced


Brochures and Multimedia

   Spanish Courses 2021

   Spanish Programs Brochure

   Spanish for Healthcare

   UValladolid profile card

   Ruta Monumental Valladolid

Spanish Courses at the Universidad of Valladolid                Valladolid Spanish 100%                                                       Valladolid Hyperlapse 



The University of Valladolid is one of the most important centers of higher education in Spain.  It is also one of the oldest public universities in the country, having been founded in the late 13th century. A sound and prestigious institution in the fields of humanities, social, health and natural physical sciences, engineering and Spanish as a foreign language.

The long-standing Spanish courses for foreigners are taught at the University Language Centre located in an easily accessible campus; an ideal setting with common leisure facilities such as libraries, gardens and restaurants.

 The Center is equipped with the latest means.


Why study at University of Valladolid?

  • A prestigious university renowned for its quality.

  • An authentic immersion experience in a genuine Spanish speaking environment in the heart of Spain. 

  • Programs are flexible and adapted to the North American contents and schedules.

  • Our methodology focused on a communicative & task-based approach that ensures best possible results. 

  • The city of Valladolid offers a special appeal for learning the Spanish language due to their cultural and historical heritage and university tradition.  

  • It is small and medium-size city, quiet and safe, socially cohesive and fully integrated in its metropolitan context.  It is only one hour from Madrid in the high-speed train.


More information

  • Our courses include full program of activities, orientation, workshops, conversation exchanges and guided trips to places of interest.

  • We provide an accommodation service, group transportation from the airport and free Wi-fi in campus.  

  • The Spanish Department is recognized as an "Accredited Center by the Cervantes Institute" for teaching Spanish as a foreign language and is an “Official Examination Center” for the Diplomas of Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE).



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