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Carmen Flores


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We design and implement high quality, customized academic internship programs for international students in Spain.

Our internship placements are primarily available in areas such as:

  • Renewable energies
  • Infrastructure development
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Video games
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Tourism
  • Gastronomy

Spain occupies a world leading position in these areas. 


Internship programs in areas of excellence

Internships are quickly becoming one of the most important experiences in every college student s career.

International internships give a double challenge for the student, plunging into the professional world and approaching international know-how with different codes than those known to them known.

Spain is a worldwide leader in renewable energies, high speed rail, infrastructure, biotechnology, animation, video games, pharmaceuticals, tourism and gastronomy.

Spain wants to export its talent, its way of life, its philosophy, its culture, and its sectors of excellence, crafted in a European culture and very competitive in other parts of the world.

Experiential learning in Spain


Combine your internship program with a custom learning project designed to meet your level of Spanish and your field of interest.

Coursses are adapted to all needs and schedules an offered in the most prestigious educational institutions.

  • Special courses
  • One-to-one classes
  • Business Spanish
  • Spanish for professionals

Our partners are universities and educational centers which are accredited by Instituto Cervantes quality system.



This seminar is essential in allowing participants to digest the information and experience presented throughout the program. In this small group sessions, led by a Faculty leader, students will examine issues related to work and its meaning in individual and collective life

The seminar will provide the context to reflect on concrete experiences at the site and link them to the political, psychological, social, economic and intellectual forces that shape our views on work and its meaning. These sessions will foster an environment that will allow students to express their thoughts and encourages respectful debate.


  • Spanish Classes
  • Site Visits
  • Internship Seminars
  • Tours and excursions
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