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Educational group founded in 1958 with schools in Madrid and Toledo. Three centers in Madrid and the International School in Toledo complete with boarding facilities.

ISSP Toledo offers the International Baccalaureate for students from 3 to 18 years old and also the opportunity to study Spanish and acquire the DELE diploma.

These programs have a broad selection of cultural activities, so as to obtain the global student’s immersion in our language, country, culture and history.


International School San Patricio Toledo offers the three programs of the IB bilingually in Spanish–English:

  • The PYP (Primary Years Program) corresponds to pre-school and primary education and is available for students aged 3-12.
  • The MYP (Middle Years Program) for students from 12-16.
  • The Diploma Program. A two year course for students 16-18.


Our schools offer a private, bilingual education based on the highest academic standards with the intention of producing global citizens who are prepared for the modern world.

Our goal is much more than purely academic however, as we recognise the importance of the physical and artistic development of our students and the promotion of strong ethical values in aiding them to become citizens of the modern world.

The MYP Program is an academically rigorous program aimed at students between 12-16 yrs old. Based around units of inquiry, the program is designed with the aim of establishing practical connections between the subjects studied and the real world.


It is offered as a 4-year program and comprises of eight areas of study:


•       Language and Literature

•       Language Acquisition

•       Individuals and Societies

•       Sciences

•       Mathematics

•       Arts

•       Design

•       Physical and Health Education


In each year of the program students also study an interdisciplinary unit which encompasses at least two of the subject areas and allows students to appreciate the links and connections between diverse subject areas. Through community-based projects students are also encouraged to develop links within their school and also their broader community with the aim of developing their sense of social responsibility.

In the final year of the program, students also undertake a Personal Project of significant interest to them, which allows them to research and investigate an area and present it to the educational community in an end of year exhibition.

The MYP program is delivered in over 100 countries.

The final 2-year Diploma Program consists of six subject areas and the core areas of Theory of Knowledge, CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) and an Extended Essay.

It is a pre-university course of the highest academic excellence. Assessment is 80% external, with written international exams corrected by IB examiners. 20% of the program is an Internal Evaluation which is also moderated by IB.

The broad nature of the program and specifically the core areas, allows students not only to achieve academic excellence but also reflect on the nature and sources of knowledge; perform independent research and through the CAS programme, actively contribute to their own development and that of their wider community.