Arturo Sanchez

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Programs / highlights

  • Teachers Training
  • Spanish Language Courses
  • Spanish Culture Courses
  • Summer Sessions
  • Fall and Spring Semesters
  • Faculty Led Programs


Why study in institute of spanish studies

Founded in 1950, Institute of Spanish Studies is located in the city of Valencia, and offers courses in two summer sessions with classes from beginners to graduate level. For intermediate or advanced students a semester or an entire school year is recommended.

ISS also offers a Summer Institute for Spanish Teachers during two weeks in the month of July.






  • Spanish: Elementary, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate
  • Spanish Language  A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2
  • Conversation: Elementary, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate
  • Spanish for Business
  • Spanish for Professionals
  • History of Spain
  • History of Spanish-America
  • History of Spanish Art
  • Survey of Spanish Literature
  • Survey of Spanish-American Literature
  • Advanced Grammar and Written Expression
  • Spanish Phonetics
  • Advanced Conversation
  • General Translation
  • Cervantes and the Literature of the Golden Age
  • Spanish Literature of the 19th and 20th Centuries
  • Contemporary Spanish Literature
  • The Jews in Spain
  • Present Day Spain
  • Women in the History of Spain
  • History of Spanish Cinema
  • Sociolinguistics





  • History of Spanish Art
  • History of Spain
  • Present Day Spain








We offer a proven method to acquire in-depth knowledge of the Spanish language, literature and culture. In addition to regular classes, our program of cultural activities and the direct contact with Spanish people are ideal ways to attain this objective. The faculty is composed of highly qualified professors from Spanish Universities, and most US educational institutions accept credits for our courses. The Institute is proud of having had over 20,000 satisfied students since 1950. Many American colleges and universities have sponsored our Institute and entrusted us with their students.


Personal Attention


At the Institute, our students come first. The small classes and individual attention paid to each student allow very close interaction between students and teachers. As a result, most students talk about the feeling of being in a large family, where their personal needs are addressed.




The best place to learn Spanish is unquestionably the country of origin. To be in Spain is to have access to its rich history and culture, to be studied and enjoyed in depth through its monuments and landscapes. Spain's location and its integration with Europe are perfect for students to travel to other countries during weekends or vacation, using excellent means of transportation by bus, train or airplane. The Institute of Spanish Studies is located in the university area of Valencia, in a residential area near “Los Viveros,” the largest park in the city. It takes about 20 minutes to walk from the school to the historical downtown area.


Don’t just study Spanish, STUDY SPAIN!!